Greetings from the CEO

Since its establishment, Amotech Co., Ltd. has been following the right path to reaching the vision of becoming a “global leader in IT, energy and the environment based on new materials” to this day. Under the belief that the continual competitiveness of the future industry will be provided by the quality of the materials, every effort has been made to ensure that the spirit of “World First, World Best” can be found in every product that we research and develop.

Amotech has developed a wide range of diverse leading products in the global market, such as chip varistors, NFC antennas, wireless charging antennas, and electric shock protection devices. In addition to the IT sector, Amotech is committed to the research and development of core parts and solutions that are perfectly compatible for the energy and environment industries.

Amotech promises to create new markets and new values through constantly providing innovative new technologies and will lead the way to the future that we all dream of.

Thank you for your inspirational interest.

Amotech Co., Ltd. CEO Pyung-Kyu, Kim

World First World Best

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